Seafood and Cherry Cheesecake

Just for Fun, postaday2011

If I could have anything to eat right now, it would definitely involve some kind of shrimp or other seafood and finish up with a big old slice of cherry cheesecake.  I’ve always loved seafood though I can’t really remember the first time I was exposed to it.

In my experience, seafood is either an all or nothing type food.  You either absolutely love any kind of seafood or you hate it all.  For me personally, it’s a love thing with seafood.  The more the better actually.

It’s probably a good thing that I can’t afford to eat as much as I want because I probably would end up in a seafood coma.

I remember one year during the time I was working for a local homeless veteran organization.  It was income tax refund time and mine that year was substantial, which just meant that I was poor enough not to owe any taxes, so I got most of my withheld money back.  Now there are many things that people choose to do when their income tax refund arrives.

For me that year, I chose to take a group of about ten people, colleagues mostly, to Red Lobster.

It’s my favorite place to eat and I don’t get to go very often.  But that year I went with a whole group of people who I both respected and admired as colleagues and as friends.

It was great food, great conversation and a whole heck of a lot of fun, all centered around seafood.

And yes, I topped that lunch off with a big old slice of cherry cheesecake!


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