Last Random Act of Kindness

Finding Self, postaday2011

Not sure if this is the last random act of kindness I did but it’s the most memorable one.

I had gone into one of the discount grocery stores to do some shopping for the household.  And as I came up the first aisle there were two kids, teenagers, standing by the dairy section.  One of them held a jar of peanut butter and the other one had a package of american cheese.  There were at least two other kids with them, both younger.  The two appeared to be brother and sister and the kids with them younger siblings.

The older two were arguing and  I heard the older girl say “but it’s on the list” to which the boy responded “but we don’t have enough money for both.”

My first assessment was that these kids had been sent to the store with limited money and obviously didn’t have enough for everything on the list.  Since I myself have been in that situation so many times in my life, I had to help.  I reached into my wallet and pulled out a ten-dollar bill.  As I went past them, I pressed the money into the older girl’s hand.

“Now you can buy both.” I said to her and I kept on walking.  After a few whispers about whether or not they should keep the money, the oldest boy came running after me.

“thank you so much.” he said and smiled.

“I’ve been there.” I said and smiled back.  He smiled at me again and turned and headed back to the older girl and the two younger kids who were all beaming smiles in my direction.

All those smiles were more than a fair trade for that ten dollars in my opinion.



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