Any of you checking in daily with my blog realize that I’m having trouble staying disciplined enough to write something every day.  Well today’s post a day 2011 topic is one that I just can’t pass up.  I mean bacon is after all my favorite food.

To say that I love bacon is even an understatement.  Whenever I cook the bacon, I have to make extra because I eat so much of it while I’m cooking that there isn’t enough left for the kids.  Very rarely do I make less than a pound of bacon at a time and even more rare are the times when there is any bacon left once breakfast is over.

Now there are some brands of bacon that I don’t particularly like as well but in my years of eating bacon I’ve only found one brand that I thought was so awful I didn’t eat it.  Bacon is good just by itself or with eggs, French toast, or pancakes.  I love BLT sandwiches although I have to admit that I have been known to oder a BLT without the L and the T…yep I know that makes it a bacon sandwich.  I’ve also been known to make a bacon sandwich at home with just miracle whip and nothing else.

Hey did I mention that I love bacon?