#97 If I could pilot any vehicle it would be..

Just for Fun, postaday2011

Short post today but I can’t pass up the topic.  If I could pilot any vehicle I think it would have to be that invisible plane which I think belonged to Wonder Woman.  Or maybe she just borrowed it from the League of Superheros but anyway the invisible plane would be fun!  Can you imagine?  I could sneak up on just about anyone in that plane and do a flyby…watch out Lyle you know I’m comin’ your way!  They’re bringing Wonder Woman back by the way and there’s a huge controversy over the costume she’s going to wear.  I’ll skip the costume but I’d love to have her lasso of truth, I can think of a few folks I’d like to use that thing on!

Course the other vehicle that would be fun is the Batmobile, now that was an awesome car!  I wonder if it would come with a sidekick at my beck and call?

Or the talking car, Kit, that David Hasselhoff I think it was used to drive.  I’d love to have a car that could talk to me on long road trips.  Shoot that car can drive itself probably better than I can.

We’re actually closer to that being a reality than most people would think with the introduction of the newest technology that includes forward collision detection.  With the help of GPS technology, cars can already talk to you and are now able to parallel park themselves, stop you from backing into something and alert you to something in your blind spot.  With the newest pedestrian detection system, the car will alert you to an obstacle in your path and if you don’t respond it will apply the brakes to stop the car or at least slow it down before impact depending on your speed.  Probably a good thing with all the people I see texting or applying make-up while driving!

So I guess if the talking cars that drive themselves are coming anyhow, I’ll stick with my wish for that invisible plane.  Course for me it will have to come with some kind of locator so I can find it when it’s parked.  It’s hard enough to remember where I parked my car in a parking garage or at the mall, I can’t imagine the trouble I’d have if I had to find an invisible plane!

So I’ve got dibs on that invisible plane.  What vehicle would you choose to pilot?


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