52 Week Money Saving Challenge

52 Week Money Saving Challenge, Money, saving money

If you’re anything like me, saving money is a challenge in itself. It’s been a pretty rough year and there never seems to be enough money to save. I can remember a time, several decades ago, when my oldest children were little and I said to a friend, “If I could just make more money, life would be great.” But recently I’ve decided it’s not about how much you make, it’s about what you do with it.

So this year I’m determined to save money!  I’m going to follow the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge and see if I can save all year. The basic premise is to save $1 for each week in the year. So for example, this week, the first week of the year, I would save $1. And next week, the second week of the year, I would add $2 to my savings, the 10th week, I add another $10. By the last week in 2016, I should add $52 into my savings to bring my total saved for the year to $1,378. Not bad, huh?

I figure $1.00 this week is about .14 cents per day over the seven days. I can find that much in the cushions of my couch or the bottom of my purse. Or maybe the ashtray in my car. So I’ve got this week’s $1 in the bag so to speak.

Stay tuned to find out how I do with this challenge. Let me know below how you rate yourself when it comes to saving money and what you are saving for currently.

If you’d like to take this challenge with me and my friends and family, find me on Facebook and send me a message. I’ve started a Facebook group, called the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge, so we can hold one another accountable. I’d be happy to have you along for the journey.


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