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Single Mothers

Single Mothers

As the media touts the many problems in the homes of single mothers, please remember that single moms make mistakes like everyone else but they also:

  • Have chosen to give a life rather than take one
  • May have chosen to save a child from a living a life filled with violence and hatred.
  • May have chosen to be solely responsible for a life knowing the road would not be easy.
  • May have chosen to raise a child alone when its father died far too early in life.
  • May have chosen to love and care for a child when its father simply walked away.
  • May have chosen to be responsible for their actions that resulted in a child.
  • May struggle daily to provide the best they can for a child no matter the cost to themselves.

So, the next time you hear someone criticize single moms, remind them that being a single mom is rarely something one plans to do but is instead a loving and responsible choice to circumstances beyond their control.

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