Is your family disaster ready?

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The warning sirens just went off in Madison. Now today was a drill but I had to look it up to be sure because I knew it was at 11am and knew it was Wednesdays but I always think it’s the first Wednesday but nope it’s the second Wednesday at 11am. So no real threat today. Whew!

But then I realized—as a parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle, etc.–what would you do if the sirens had gone off and it wasn’t a drill? Do you know where the school would take your loved ones for you to pick up? Do you have a full tank of gas–right now? Do you have anything prepared so that you could jump into your car and take off from home and be prepared to not come back for several days, or a week or more? What’s the plan for your pets if you have to leave? Does your extended family have a planned meeting place that everyone knows about? What is the plan if someone doesn’t arrive? I’d be curious to know how many of us are ready for a real disaster?